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    English Language

    Post by _Mixx_ on Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:27 am

    Welcome to RPD. I will be training you to work in RPD. 

    I will be going over the rules and Commands at RPD, and there will be a test afterwards.

    First, I'll tell you the RULES. Please do not hesitate to slow me down if I’m going too fast.

    1. Respect others, higher ranks and Visitors.

    2. Do not Self Promote or Double Job.

    3. Always Refer to a Higher Rank as Sir Or ma'am

    4. Do not AFK at your workplace , always AFK at FTB .

    5. Do not ask for Pay, Room Rights, Or Promotions.

    6. Do not Flood, Spam, or use capslock in base.

    7. Follow the Habbo way ( No Bullying, Racism, Swearing, Etc. ) 

    8. Always Keep your B.U.M ( Badge . Uniform . Motto )

    *Staff must wear uniform during PAY DAY and DIVIDEN only !*

    9. Do not Bully or Abuse Power .

    10. You may use effects except 'ghost effect' .

    Now I shall go over the Commands used here at RPD.

    FTF [Fill The Front]- Take a seat at the front desk to recruit/help people.

    FTB [Fill The Back]- Take a seat at the back of base. - This is also where you should go When AFK

    FTS [Fill The Security]- Work in the security area (Make sure only employees/SV enter base).

    FTT [Fill The Training]- Train New Staffs in training room.

    BTB [Back To Base]- Return to HQ, no question's asked.

    ATT [Attention]- Stand in front/facing the commanding officer wave and say “Yes Sir/Ma’am.”

    AOD [Attention On Deck] - Stand in your own position and wave and say "Yes sir/Ma'am"

    AE [At Ease]- Return to what you were doing. (Sit back)

    CTH [Clear The Hallway]- Leave the hallway (Go to FTF/FTS or FTB)

    Do you understand the rules and commands in RPD ? 

    If you do so let's begin the test . 

    During test,  you'll have to answer the questions given. Please speak up if you need any help.

    (Give them Hints if they have any problems, Only Give answers if they still couldn’t answer after the hints.)

    Q1. Name THREE(3) things, you must never ask for? 
    Answer: Pay, Rights and Promotions.

    Q2. You must never use ____ effect when in the base? 
    Answer: Ghost 

    Q3. What does CTH Mean?: 
    Answer is: Clear The Hallway

    Q4. What does FTF Mean?: 
    Answer is : Fill The Front.

    Okay, Now I will call out a few commands, I would like you to perform the actions for me.Understood?


    Once They have Passed/Completed Training Please Say:

    Congratulations! You have passed the test. Please change your motto to: [RPD] Lance Corporal I [Your Tag] [15id]

    Now I will go over how we Recruit People here at RPD.

    • Ask them to change motto to [RPD] Constable and wear RPD Badge .
    • Ensure they leave other agency's badges. Use the switch to open the gate if all the criterias are done.
    • Do not let anyone in with an Incorrect Badge and Motto / without VIP/SV Badge.

    Pay day will be on Saturday, 9 PM GMT +8 Kuala Lumpur. 
    Please convert this to your timezone.
    You need to request the [RPD] Pay badge every week to receive pay.

    Terms and Condition to get PAY badge :

    > You always have to Fill The Front / Fill the Security .
    > Recruit more and moree people .
    > Be hardworking !

    Dividen (Daily Pay) will be at 10:00 PM GMT +8 Kuala Lumpur . Please come before 9:30 PM , we will close the gate at 9:40 PM .

    Remember my name. When at Security, you need to whisper my name to the worker operating security.
    (If they don't know how to whisper , please explain to them)

    You have to register in RPD website : http:rpdhabbo.forumms.net
    Please use your Habbo username and different password .

    Welcome to the Royal Police Department , we hope you enjoy your stay.
    Most importantly, be positive and have fun!
    Please enter the teleport to get back to base and I’ll see you in base! Smile 

    If they have Failed the Training Program please say:

    I'm Sorry, But you have failed our training process. Please come back at a later time to retry.

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