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    About Royal Police Department


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    About Royal Police Department

    Post by _Mixx_ on Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:48 am

    ​Royal police Department (R.P.D) is one of the agencies in Habbo™.
    With the Owner® of this agency,_Mixx_ with the help of the Founder _syfq,we first founded this agency.
    Then with the help of other founders, KillJa , Alannx , Agusta00 and hylexanderiax.
    We soon had finish build our headquarter in December 2016.
    We also hired -Haziq and skaterkiwwi to be our family as Room Controller.

    Our dream is to build an agency where Habbo™ player can work happily here .
    So,we design our headquarter to comfort our worker .
    Our motto is 'Together we live The Dream'.We always care about coorperation in our agency.
    Special treat are given to all that worked with us.

    The higher rank can't abuse other worker according to our Rules.
    Our policy is 'Don't mess with other'.
    We tolerated to another agency.
    We don't messing with other agencies eventhough they are our competitors.

    We will launch our agency soon !!!

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